Nickel & Company, LLC provides a full service Real Estate and Personal Property tax program. Our services are shaped to meet the needs of our clients. We represent a wide variety of clients throughout the United States. We may provide a single review and appeal to providing a complete property tax department for large national companies.

We have developed a specialty in serving large multi-location national companies. These large companies have a need for services that are unique therefore we have developed services that seek to address the diverse and constantly changing needs of the multi-location client. We believe our company provides the most detailed and personalized service of any ad valorem tax consulting company in the industry.

Nickel & Company has developed two software programs to manage the data for all our clients. The first program is a database that manages all data in regard to location information, tax estimates, property tax values and taxes. It produces documentation for payment approval, as well as numerous reports that can be provided in PDF or Excel formats.

The second program is our personal property database. This software allows us to import our client’s assets and then classify each asset according to jurisdictional guidelines. The system includes the depreciation schedule and tax rates of each jurisdiction. Thus we are able to identify the value and tax on each asset. The system produces schedules that can be attached to personal property declarations in both summary and detail form. It also produces reports that can be used during audits to expedite the audit process.

Since our personal property tax system produces an estimated value and tax for each location we are quickly able to produce estimates of tax for accrual purposes. Further, it allows for ease of review of value notices from the different jurisdictions to determine if an appeal of value is warranted.

Because we have created our own unique software systems we are better able to meet the special needs of our clients by adding company specific data to our reports and approval processes.

Our website allows our clients to view the information we have on our database. They can instantly see the value history, tax history and estimated tax on each property. It also provides historical information for all properties paying tax based on landlord billings. We have the ability to attach data files to each location, including copies of personal property declarations, excel files and other documentation that would be useful to our clients. Although our staff is always available to answer questions and provide support to our clients, some of our clients have found our website very useful in getting the data they need instantaneously.